(as part of ASC! Project Outputs)

Advisory Services

Marcuse, Judith. External Examiner, Master’s defense. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Dec 2 2015.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. Journee d’etude sur l’art et mieux etre. L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montreal, Canada. Oct 2015.

Marcuse, Judith. Committee Member, Ph.D. oral examination and defense. University of California, Davis, Davis, United States. 2014

Marcuse, Judith. Resilient Cities and the Arts, National Retreat. Wasan Island, Canada. Jul 2013.


Marcuse, Judith. West End Arts. Vancouver, Canada. Feb-Jul 2015.
Marcuse, Judith. One Drop. Montreal, Canada. Jan 2015.
Marcuse, Judith. Circo Social/Cirque du Monde and REACH Projects. Quito, Ecuador. 2013-2015.
Marcuse, Judith. Catherine Donnelly Foundation. Toronto, Canada. 2014.
Marcuse, Judith. Quest University. Squamish, Canada. Jul 2013.


Online Toolkit for Evaluating Art for Social Change Projects.
To be launched in Fall, 2016


Doolittle, Lisa. Drama 3850 A, Dance and Theatre for All Abilities: Production Development, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada.

Marcuse, Judith and Lynn Fels. EDUC 458, Pedagogy and Practice of Arts for Social Change, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Fall 2015. 

Marcuse, Judith, Visiting Instructor. “Exploring Art for Social Change,” Quest University, Squamish, Canada. Jan 2015.

Marcuse, Judith. EDUC 496, Exploring Arts for Social Change: Communities in Action, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Fall Semester 2010 and 2011.

Education Programs

Fels, Lynn and Judith Marcuse, Instructors. Masters of Education in Arts for Social Change, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Fall 2016.

Performances, Presentations and Workshops

Fancy, Farah, Lisa Ndejuru and Rachael Van Fossen. “R/E Legacy Programming.” Montreal.  2016-2018.

Ndejuru, Lisa, Farah Fancy and RECAA. “Elders Making Waves.” Montreal. Jun 15 2016.

Van Fossen, Rachael and Lisa Ndejuru. Workshop and artistic intervention, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. RECAA, Montreal, Canada. Jun 2016.

Marcuse, Judith. Workshop, Semester in Experimental Futures, Semester in Dialogue, Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, Canada, Feb 4 2016.

Marcuse, Judith. Community Arts Intensive workshop, A Hands-On Exchange about Community Arts, ACI Manitoba. Winnipeg, Canada, Jan 29 2016.

Van Fossen, Rachael and the R/E Ensemble. “Tracks et Dérailements” MAI Gallery. Montreal.  Jan 20-23 2016.

Mahoney, Tara. Creative Publics Final Report. Dec 2015. Web.

Mahoney, Tara. “Beyond Fear & Great Hair: Shaping debate in #elxn42,” Media Democracy Day 2015Vancouver, Canada. Nov 7 2015.

Mahoney, Tara and Jasmine Scarf. Creative Publics: Art-making inspired by the federal election. Researching the City, We The City: 2015 Community Summit. Vancouver, Canada. Oct 30 2015.

Fancy, Farah, Padingani Wa Padingani and Kens Mukendi Kakona. “Congolese Bollywood Dance.” Concordia University. Montreal. Oct 27 2015.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. Photo-voice workshop, Circo Social. Quito, Ecuador. Oct 2015.

Van Fossen, Rachael. “Doing Justice.” RECAA, Montreal, Canada.  Jun 2015.

Fraser, P. “19th Birthday Party.” Housing for All Multimedia Art Exhibition. Interurban Gallery. Vancouver. May 21 – 25 2015.

Marcuse, Judith. Workshop with ACI Manitoba. Winnipeg, Canada, May 2015.

Doolittle, Lisa and Pamela Boyd. “Unlimited.” University of Lethbridge. Lethbridge. Mar 17-21 2015.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. Arts-based research workshop, Circo Social. Quito, Ecuador. Feb 2015.

Flynn, Anne and Lisa Campkin. “Dancing Parkinson’s.” YYC: Chancellor’s Dinner. Nov 25 2014.

Van Fossen, Rachael and the R/E Ensemble. “Demonstration Performance.” Concordia University. Montreal. Nov 17 2014.

Flynn, Anne.  “Pedal for Parkinson’s” presentations. Univeristy of Calgary. Calgary. Sep-Oct 2014.

Flynn, Anne, Willis, V. and Zandboer, Z. Presentation at Alberta Health Services Symposium on Gerontology. Jun 21 2014.

Marcuse, Judith. AGEWELL Chataqua Performance. Vancouver. Jun 8 2014.

Spiegel, Jennifer B, Stephanie N. Parent, Karen Lockhart, Annalee Yassi, and Shira Taylor. Report on the Questionnaire Survey Conducted among Social Circus Participants at the “Rassemblement” Event. Quebec. May 2014.

Marcuse, Judith, and Arts Health BC. AGEWELL Chataqua exhibition booklet. 2014.

Marcuse, Judith. Summer Intensive in Art for Social Change. Vancouver, Canada. 2012, 2014.

Doolittle, Lisa. Public interactive performance. CASA Community Room. Lethbridge. Nov 12 2013.

Fels, L. and Judith Marcuse. “Arts for Social Change; Who teaches who?” IDEAS 2013. Paris. Jul 8-13 2013.

Public Lectures

Fraser, Patti. “Postcards to the Beloved.” Excavating Lives: International Association of Biography and Autobiography World Biennial Conference  2016. University of Cyprus, Cyprus, Greece. May 26-29 2016. Presentation.

Marcuse, Judith. 84e Congrès de l’Acfas. Montreal, Canada. May 13 2016. Keynote.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. “Creative activism and the persistence of anti-austerity mobilization in Quebec: Pandas, Mice, and Wolves – still ‘in the red’, and still resistant.” American Society for Theatre Research conference, Portland, United States. Nov 5 – 8 2015. Working group presentation.

Spiegel, Jennifer B., and Alanna Thain. “Transmobilities and Transversal Ecologies.” Performance Studies International Conference, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Sep 17-18 2015.

Marcuse, Judith.  Ashoka Canada. Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. Sep 2013-2015. Keynote and presentation.

Boydell, Katherine. “Arts-based knowledge translation: Performative, visual and literary strategies of creation and dissemination.” Values Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Sep 2015. Presentation.

Boydell, Katherine. “The ‘art’ of knowledge translation: New methods of creating and sharing research.” Art & Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Sep 2015.

Marcuse, Judith. “Art for Social Change: A Call for Candour and Connection.” Creative Catalyst Conference. Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Jun 11 2015. Keynote.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. “The Value of Social Circus: creative process, embodied critique and the limits of capital.”Association for Theatre Research in Canada annual conference, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. May 30 – Jun 3 2015. Working group presentation.

Doolittle, Lisa,  Chasse, C. and Crowder, R. “Theatre for Social Change.” Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada. Mar 28 2015.

Doolittle, Lisa and Judith Marcuse. “Crossing Boundaries: Games, Exercises, Dialogue, and Laughter.” University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada. Mar 21 2015. Workshop presentation.

Fraser, Patti. “Working in the Ecotone; Community engagement, art and the academy.” Housing Justice Research Project, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Jan 21 2015. Presentation.

Boydell, Katherine and Cox, S. “The arts in research as transformative.” 6th Annual Qualitative Conference, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, United States. Jan 8-10 2015. Presentation.

Spiegel, Jennifer B.“What kind of social circus for what kind of society.” Montreal Working Group on Circus Research, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Jan 2015. Presentation.

Dew, A. and Boydell, K.M. “Using the arts to create and disseminate research.” National Health and Medical Research Council, Melbourne, Australia. Nov 12-13 2014. Workshop presentation.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. “Critique from the Margins: Cirque Hors Piste and the Dialectics of Inclusion.” Social Theory, Policy and the Arts 40th anniversary conference, Ottawa, Canada. Oct 9-11 2014. Presentation.

Boydell, Katherine. “Knowledge translation using the arts as a mechanism for sharing research information.” McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Oct 1 2014. Keynote lecture.

Van Fossen, Rachael and the R/E Ensemble. “The Encounters Project.” Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference.  University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. Oct 2014.

Flynn, Anne. University of Calgary President’s Report to the Community. Summary of Dancing Parkinson’s YYC research, Oct 2014.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. “Masks, Masquerades, Matraques: ‘SourisFest’ and other affective transformations in the face of Montreal’s State Repression.” Encuentro 2014, Montreal, Jun 2014. Working group presentation.

Boydell, Katherine. “Examining the impact of arts-based knowledge translation strategies.” Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Apr 28 2014.

Boydell, Katherine. “Cultivating innovative spaces for knowledge production: Reflections on knowledge translation in child and youth mental health.” Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Feb 26 2014. Professorial lecture.

Van Fossen, Rachael.  “The Encounters Project.”  MicroTalks Series: Community and Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Feb 25 2014.

Marcuse, Judith. “Gifts, exchange and reciprocity in artmaking” panel. Spectres of Evaluation Conference, University of Melbourne, Melbourne.  Feb 6 2014.

Spiegel, Jennifer B. “Social Circus as an Art for Social Change: promoting social inclusion and cultural democracy.” Culture has an Impact Conference, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. Dec 2013.

Doolittle, Lisa. “Talking with your Mouth Full Part II: Conversations About Social Change.” Rehearsing Reality,  University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada. Nov 14 2013.

Marcuse, Judith. “Art for Social Change: a short presentation and dialogue.” Canadian Dance Alliance. Vancouver, BC. Nov 2013. Keynote Address.

Van Fossen, Rachael and the R/E Ensemble.“Voice and Identity.”  Power of the Arts National Forum, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.  Sep 28 2013.

Van Fossen, Rachael. “R/E.” IdeaLab, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Social Media Accounts and Campaigns

Creative Publics
Instagram: @creativepublics.
Facebook and Twitter: #CreativePublics

International Centre of Art for Social Change and the Art for Social Change! (ASC!) Research Project
Facebook: International Centre Of Art for Social Change.
Twitter: @ARTsocialCHANGE

Facebook: Encounters Project / Projet Rencontres
Twitter: @projrencontres

Complex Social Change
Facebook: Complex Social Change
Twitter: @complex_change, #complexchangetwitter

Katherine Boydell
Twitter: @KBoydell 

TV and Radio Interviews

Doolittle, Lisa. “Teaching, Community Engagement and Social Change.” Ed Talks. By Teaching Centre, University of Lethbridge. Lethbridge: Shaw TV.  Oct 2015. Television.

Mahoney, Tara. “Creative Publics, Art for Social Change.” Federal Elections 2015. By Maegan Thomas. Vancouver: CJSF 90.1 FM. Sep 17 2015. Radio.

Doolittle, Lisa. “Unlimited, inclusive dance theatre.” Lethbridge: Global TV Lethbridge, Shaw TV.  Mar 16 2015.

Flynn, Anne. “‘I Always Look Forward to Tuesdays’ and Dancing with Parkinson’s: The Calgary Project.” CBC The Homestretch, Jan 20 2015. Radio.

Flynn, Anne. “Dancing with Parkinson’s: The Calgary Project.” The Ivory Tower Podcast. Calgary: CJSW 90.9 FM. Oct 1 2014. Radio.

Doolittle, Lisa. “Corporations in Our Heads.” Lethbridge: Global TV Lethbridge and Shaw TV. Nov 2013. Television.


Art for Social Change! (ASC!), Simon Fraser University and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Web.

Complex Social Change. Lethbridge University, 2012. Web.

Creative Publics. Simon Fraser University, 2015. Web.

International Centre of Art for Social Change. Simon Fraser University and Judith Marcuse Projects, 2008. Web.

Recontres/Encounters. Concordia University, 2015. Web.

Written Presentation

Yassi, Annalee and Lockhart K. “A brief report on questionnaire results from ‘Unlimited’ play.” University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada. Mar 2015. Print.